View Full Version : [REQUEST] Could someone kindly make me a theme?

24 Dec 2009, 17:27
I currently use this theme, the demo can be found here: http://www.vbstyles.com/demo/index.php?styleid=13

I would like someone to make a similar theme to that one, since you obviously aren't allowed to upgrade that theme to vb4 without the author's permission I'm assuming?

So yeah, if someone could make a similiar theme to that one, that has the same feeling, I would like the background colors to stay the same , basically everything to stay the same as much as it can be, especially background colors.


25 Dec 2009, 00:48
Shouldn't be too hard. That's a premium theme I believe, I built the theme on my mmorpg game site (http://buypoe.com)theme to look like one of the "fox's" themes as well.

25 Dec 2009, 01:11
Sweet, nice site , would you be willing to share the theme please?