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25 Dec 2009, 01:02
In the viewattachments section in moderation.php, is there any way to tell the vB_Attachment_Display_Multiple or fetch_results functions to only return attachments from specified content type/s without modifying the packages/vbattach/attach.php file? Or is there another function that can do this?

I'm rewriting my attachment browser to work in vB4 and I'm using the viewattachments code in moderation.php as the base. I got it sorted to filter by user, but also want to filter by forum and thread.

25 Dec 2009, 14:46
i want to display somthing like that.

i wan't in the members profile an extra tab, inside this tab all uploaded attachments should displayed in there.

how do you display your attachments ?

i run a query on the attachments table, and filter on the user id. you could als filter on threath display.

25 Dec 2009, 21:10
I've got an attachment browser setup on my Kiwi Biker site under quick links. Need to register to view. Also have links under profile, thread and forum tools to view attachments for members, forums or threads.

I had to sort the SQL myself for vB3, but I've now sorted it for vB4 by just using vB's own functions. Look at the viewattachments section in moderation.php as it does pretty much what you want.

18 Jan 2010, 19:18
and how do i use viewattachments ?

would you share the code with me ?

or at least how do you filter out the non image type's ?