View Full Version : What is the ideal minimum browser resolution? (for custom vbulletin widths)

25 Dec 2009, 21:27
I have my website set to 1,000 width, which requires 800x600 users to scroll, but is viewable by everyone else.

But, this resolution makes my front page very crowded. I need to widen it by another 100-200px. But, i am afraid it might require a lot of people to scroll then.

What is the minimum width that will meet most users screen resolution? I imagine in the age of wide screen LCD's, that users are now viewing at higher resolutions?

Seven Skins
25 Dec 2009, 22:03
1024 x 768


According to the above site only 4% user use 800 x 600 resolution.


25 Dec 2009, 22:28
Mind that these figures relate to the specific website of w3schools. This website caters a specific audience. It is no wonder that they do not see mobile browsing in their stats, while mobile PSP/Xbox/Iphone browsing is rising fast on vbulletin websites.

25 Dec 2009, 22:33
If your site is already active, I suggest looking at your Google Analytics reports.

You DO have Google Analytics setup right? =)

In GA, under Visitors > Browser Capabilities > Screen Resolutions you should see the top 10 resolutions used on your site.

I usually look at the top 3 or so based upon visits to the site, and forget about iPhone and small device resolutions as if there is a high number you are better off targeting them separately.

Here is the list for my top 10 based upon visits for one site for the past few weeks.

1. 1280x800 12,082 20.37%
2. 1024x768 10,853 18.29%
3. 1440x900 7,542 12.71%
4. 1280x1024 7,489 12.62%
5. 1680x1050 5,250 8.85%
6. 1366x768 3,599 6.07%
7. 320x396 1,540 2.60%
8. 1920x1200 1,424 2.40%
9. 1152x864 1,422 2.40%
10. 1920x1080 1,297 2.19%

As you can see, for my particular site, 800x600 isn't even in the top 10. (It shows up at #1 with 1.21%) The 320x396 is a mobile device so I don't need to worry about that. So making my site with a minimum of 1024x768 resolution in mind will take care of 80%+ of my particular visitors. (I also was running Tapatalk for my iPhone/Android visitors, however, when I did poll my visitors they said they were also ok with zooming in/out. Waiting for the 4.x version to be available.)

And based upon other sites stats, I am pretty comfortable with the 1024x768 baseline. Of course, your site might vary and that is why I suggest looking at your Google Analytics reports. It is possible that your particular demographic does use widescreens more but in general 1024x768 is the norm.

BBR Google Analytics Addon (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=229347) (for 4.0.x)
Android / iPhone / Nokia app for vBulletin - Tapatalk (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=208412) (Waiting for 4.0.x update)

08 Jan 2010, 16:20
If your site is already active, I suggest looking at your Google Analytics reports.

You DO have Google Analytics setup right? =)

No, i am using an analytic program provided by my host, which doesnt show screen resolution. But, i will look to add google analytics!