View Full Version : Remove "sub navbar" from content.php

26 Dec 2009, 18:25
I would like to hide/remove the second navigation bar when viewing the CMS - but still have it available on the forum and blog.


I can think of two methods but I don't know vbulletin well enough to do either without a push in the right direction.

Change the template hook for the navbar on content.php and then remove the subnav from the new version of the navbar template.
Use conditioning to make the subnav unavailable while viewing content.php

Thanks in advance

26 Dec 2009, 18:41
You can just remove it/comment it out in the vbcms_navbar_link template.

30 Dec 2009, 18:45
Thank you Lynne, I knew it would be something simple but didn't know where to look.

08 Apr 2011, 21:49
How do I remove the "/content/" part from the top level URL, when the homepage loads?