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26 Dec 2009, 23:57

We have a Own CMS and used this code to Integrate the Session Management and more for the CMS:

define('CWD', '/var/customers/webs/ecooling/forum');
global $db, $vbulletin;
include(CWD . '/includes/init.php');
include(CWD. '/includes/class_dm.php');

With the vB 4.0 Upgrades takes me my CMS this out:

Warning: MemcachePool::get() [memcachepool.get]: Invalid key in [path]/includes/class_datastore.php on line 295

We Use the Memcache Storage..

Can you help me? ;)


--------------- Added 1261932530 at 1261932530 ---------------

No infos?

02 Jan 2010, 19:39
When i Deactivate Memcache in the config.php, is this Error not present, can anyone help me please?

02 Jan 2010, 20:54
What is on line 295 of class_datastore.php ? Do you get the error on other pages? Perhaps you need to call another file to deal with memcached - have you tried global.php instead of init.php?

02 Jan 2010, 21:47
This Problem exists not in vBulletin 4, other wise when i try the vBulletin 4 to include in our CMS.

When i deactivate Memcache from vBulletin, then goes this, when i activate it, than comes this error on my CMS.

The global.php instead of init.php is the same.

The Code from Line 295 from class_datastore.php:

if (($data = $this->memcache->get($ptitle)) === false)


02 Jan 2010, 21:59
I really don't know what the problem is. I am unfamiliar with memcached and can't think of why you would only get this on some of your pages. You may want to check the bug tracker and see if there is anything in there regarding it.