View Full Version : Missing Hooks?

27 Dec 2009, 03:50
So I'm looking at the postbit_legacy template and I see a list of hooks within it, however when I create a new plugin, none of hooks are in the dropdown. Examples:




and so on... I'm sure I'm just not thinking clearly and missing something so it's ok to call me stupid. Just help me out. ;)

27 Dec 2009, 04:06
Template hooks are not the same as the hook locations used for plugins. The hook locations shown in the dropdown are areas in the php code where you may insert more code. Template hooks are just areas in the templates where you may insert more html. You may want to read about the Plugin Manager in the manual.

27 Dec 2009, 04:12
Thanks Lynne, I realized how I was thinking wrong and came back to post that. Been awhile since I messed with this really and even then, it was very little. Thank you for your help.