View Full Version : Can't change hover color of Community link

27 Dec 2009, 11:15
I've been unable to change the color of the popup menus like Community when I hover over them. Can't find the correct stylevar.


27 Dec 2009, 15:53
Please read this article - HOW TO Find what Stylevar you need to edit (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=230309)

27 Dec 2009, 17:57
When using Firebug, it shows the entries popupbody and popupctrl. But these only control the background color of the items when not selected. Is there a way I can have Firebug show the items in the mouseover condition? Can't find it anywhere.

27 Dec 2009, 18:16
If you hover over the item, then the class for that will show up momentarily in that box.

28 Dec 2009, 11:14
It doesn't show it here. It just highlights this line:
<a id="yui-gen2" class="popupctrl" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" href="javascript://">Community</a>

28 Dec 2009, 15:06
According to firebug for me, it is controlled by ".navtabs li.selected li a.popupctrl" Do a Search in templates to find it.