View Full Version : How to change height value for forumhead (or tcat)

27 Dec 2009, 14:12
I just search around but couldnt find out how to do this: or which style var do it.

I added here a picture hope it can explain more clearly what I want to do?


If anybody know how to do it please help me with it!

thank you in advanced


02 Jan 2010, 00:21
I was beating my brain in on this one but just figured it out. No bad effects from my changes so far. :D

Go to your "forumbits.css" sheet
Search for " /* forumbit nopost -> forumhead */" section
IN that section, below "font: {vb:stylevar forumhead_font};", find the "padding:" parameter and enter the following code:padding: {vb:math {vb:stylevar padding}*1.3};

The height of the header is directly tied to the VB"Padding" var. The 1.3 is a multiplier based on your VB "Padding" var. If you want the header to be taller or shorter, change the multiplier to "2" or whatever you want. 2x is pretty fat though.

Standard disclaimer: This mod has worked for me but there are no guarantees it will work in your environment or situation. Be sure to save or write down any code before you change it. DO ANY CODE CHANGES AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Good Luck!

02 Jan 2010, 00:37
Yea just go to the stylevar to edit the forum head background template.