View Full Version : FORUMDISPLAY CSS Class Duplicated? What?

27 Dec 2009, 14:17
.above_threadlist_controls {
margin-top: {vb:math {vb:stylevar padding}/2};
float: {vb:stylevar right};
clear: both;

.above_threadlist_controls {
width: 100%;
border: {vb:stylevar forummenu_border};
background: {vb:stylevar forummenu_background};
_background-image: none;
margin-top: {vb:math {vb:stylevar padding}/2};
margin-bottom: 0;
position: relative;
-moz-border-radius: {vb:stylevar forummenu_border_radius};
-webkit-border-radius: {vb:stylevar forummenu_border_radius};
float: {vb:stylevar left};

What confuses me further is the first class floats right, while the second class floats left. Did I inadvertently do this myself or is everyone else's forumdisplay.css like this? :confused:

Seven Skins
27 Dec 2009, 15:27
I have the same in my vb ... you can report a bug at vb.com