View Full Version : What's going on box, stupid errors...

27 Dec 2009, 18:36
Here in the red. why is it doing that? It has never done this before. No new mods or styles installed.


27 Dec 2009, 19:15
Why is it doing what? Putting the semi-colon at the end? You are using a <dt> tag and it has that defined in the css:
dl.stats dt:after {

27 Dec 2009, 19:41
its all messed up though. it shows the number before the Posts:

36,317 Posts:

this is what it used to look like:

27 Dec 2009, 19:58
Create a new style with no parent:

Styles & Templates > Style Manager > Add New Style
Parent Style: No Parent Style
Title: Default vBulletin
Allow User Selection: Yes

Then browse the site using that totally default vbulletin style - do you still have the same problem?

If there is no problem with the default one, then it is something you changed and you should view the page in your style and look at the css via firebug and compare it to the page in the default, looking at the css in firebug, and hopefully you can see what was changed.

27 Dec 2009, 20:16
Alright, I'll try it out. If you don't hear back from me, It's all fixed. Thanks.