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27 Dec 2009, 21:18
can any tell me how/if i can use this function

function verify_authentication

i have a 3rd party app and i want to use the vbulletin user db for validation

21 Apr 2011, 12:25
I got this working:

// setup path to your forum and your username and password
define('CWD', '/pathtoforum/');
$username = 'yourusername';
$password = 'yourpassword';
// end setup
define('VB_AREA', 1);
define('THIS_SCRIPT', 1);
define('DIR', CWD);
require_once(DIR . 'includes/init.php');
require_once(DIR . 'includes/functions_login.php');
$encrypted = md5($password);
$c = verify_authentication($username, $password, $encrypted, $encrypted, true, true);
if($c == true) echo 'logged in'; else echo 'logged out';