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28 Dec 2009, 17:22
My Disclosure: I don't know much if anything about coding and don't fully understand hooks, etc. but I am currently trying to learn so please excuse my dumb questions...

Just wanted to get some guidence on what I would have to do/research to get this done.

What I want to do?

When a new user finishes registering, I want a form/page to pop up and ask them if they want to receive my newsletter. They will either have the option to click no and the form will close and they will be redirected to where they were going or they will be able to enter their email address and click submit and then they will be redirected to were they were going.

I have the signup.php code/form created as I am using an external newsletter company (icontact) and when the user enters their email address, icontact will handle the rest. Now how would I make VB serve it to new registered users and then redirect the user to where they were going when they either click no or submit?

What I think I need to do (don't know anything about coding but from what I have read here) is place this form in one of the hooks in the registration.php page (again don't even know if this makes sense) but that is where my knowledge on this topic ends.

Basically I have an external form already created and want it to pop up for new users when they are done registering and then when the user clicks no or enters their email address and clicks submit I want the form to close and direct them to where they were going. I just want some guidence on what I would have to research to get this done.


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02 Jan 2010, 08:45
Just setup a notice for Registered Users with 0 Posts :)