View Full Version : VB CMS sidebar editing?

Olivier Turbis
28 Dec 2009, 21:50

Do you have any idea where we should go to edit the colors of the sidebar of the VB CMS? The sidebar is looking good on the forums and on the blog, but I can't find where to edit the colors for the CMS. Thanks in advance.

I'm talking about this:

28 Dec 2009, 22:27
You may be interested in this article - HOW TO Find what Stylevar you need to edit (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=230309)

Olivier Turbis
28 Dec 2009, 22:57
Thanks, but if I did a topic, it's that I couldn't find it. I already am using these tips. I really need someone kind enough to tell me what to edit.

28 Dec 2009, 23:29
So you used firebug and didn't get anything out of it? I am showing those as being either class cms_widget or block or cms_widget_header or cms_widget_content depending on what part of the widget I am interested in. All of those have color in them except the cms_widget_header class.

Olivier Turbis
30 Dec 2009, 01:00
Thanks, found it :)