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28 Dec 2009, 21:59
I am attempting to do my own skin for the first time. It was going pretty good until, I noticed that the Category navbar (or whatever it's called) is twice as long as the rest of my forum. (see attached)

Can someone please tell me, what I edited that I shouldn't of?

Or at least tell me how to fix it. lol.


28 Dec 2009, 22:08
Wrong Forums

28 Dec 2009, 22:09
It'll be moved soon. I asked for it to be moved.

28 Dec 2009, 22:26
We can't tell why from an image. You will have to look at the css for that and see why it is so wide.

28 Dec 2009, 23:53
Wrong Forums
Yes I'm sorry about that.

I was reading in several threads looking for the solution to my problem.

I'm not a very good multi-tasker. lol.

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We can't tell why from an image. What do you need??

You will have to look at the css for that and see why it is so wide.The only settings I adjusted were in the style manger>> Style Variable Editor. :confused:

So I'm not sure about CSS edits.

I did see this, while in the CSS menu.
'Category Strips' also has a double purpose. It is used to indicate a 'Category' (no-posting) forum, and it is also used as the style for the main title bar of most tables.I'm guessing I messed up the main title bar.

I guess I'll just start over. I was only 2 hours making my skin. I have been looking for a solution to the category strip thing for over 8 hours. :o :(