View Full Version : How to move "welcome bar" screenshot attached

29 Dec 2009, 19:01
Hi- the current style I am using has the "welcome" bar text along side the buttons in the nav bar. I want to move them up top like the default style show.

The attached screenshot shows in red where my welcome bar currently is. I want to move it to the top right.


01 Jan 2010, 20:56
Seeing as your style (Mainly the Header and Navbar templates) doesn't look too customized, just go into the templates and revert the navbar template. Looks like you may have moved something around and that is why it looks like that.

01 Jan 2010, 21:04
Thanks. This was a theme that I downloaded and it was already like that, so i can't revert it.

01 Jan 2010, 21:08
Yes, you can. You can always revert a template back to default if the parent is the MASTER STYLE (which all styles should have).

01 Jan 2010, 21:14
Ok, I reverted it, but the text went away, however the search box appeared!

01 Jan 2010, 21:27
What exactly does that theme you download have that is different than the default theme? (besides code errors). And by welcome bar what do you mean? The thing asking guests to register? That is a notice :) which is located in your navbar template and can easily be moved :)