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31 Dec 2009, 05:00
Ok, could any one tell me how to set the width of my forums? i thought it would be simple, I'm using 4.0 for the first time and so I'm finding the style vars a long and painful process to learn, I've looked through all the places you would think could just simply tell you... forum-width, so which var is it? i thought o myself... fixed width forum, like all my other skins before i started here, i find 15 minutes later thinking to myself... &*%$ it... most of the styles at vB are just not great really... i suppose it's new isn't it, gotta get used to it... ok so simply... fixed width forum var please.... thank you vB, lovely...

oh and i suppose turning the sideblocks on only work for those with the full suite? i have an option to turn them on but as yet only god would know how to insert information into them and make them show... unless i've become really stupid i think vB is slightly bizzarre to be honest, lets hope it improves.

31 Dec 2009, 15:37
The full width thing has been discussed in a few threads before. Try a search.

As for the blocks:
vboptions > forum sidebar > set those to what you want
forums & mods > forum blocks > add the blocks you want

31 Dec 2009, 15:43
yeah thanks, found the blocks in the forums section eventually... thanks for the help

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I had to find a mod which explained things... still didn't bloody work and after hours of testing on my local machine realizing i'll loose most of my good mods, the default skin is just not good enough (thus the reason why i wanted to try myself) seeing the ones here at vB.org make me want to stay with 3.8 and i'm going to... i thought i'd have to fork out for some new updates or some new gallery software etc... but i'm just gonna leave it now... sadly, maybe back in a year or two but vB4 has put me off updating my site... good luck