View Full Version : Blue Bash [4.0.1 Gold]

24 Jan 2010, 04:26
Skin Name: Blue Bash

Skin Preview:

Whats in the zip file:
bluebash image folder

How to install: First move the bluebash folder and all its contents into your image folder in your forum root. Then upload the .xml for the skin and rename it if you wish.

If you find any bugs with the skin please report them in here only.
You will not be helped by me if you have not clicked installed for this skin.

If you have downloaded and are using this skin, please don't forget to click installed.

24 Jan 2010, 21:34
Error in message posting, the controls show no images.

03 Feb 2010, 15:31
Works fine for me, mind posting up an image of what your getting?

Fatal Hazard
26 Oct 2012, 21:01
I have the same issue!

05 Jun 2013, 15:05
I have the same issue too.Can anybody help me ?