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05 Feb 2010, 23:08
Hello eterpled forum is happy to present the brand new skin to vBulletin 4.0.1, which is also used on our forum this Skin is made of different colors and is very pretty, and you can download 2 versions of the Fixed and the Default Skin to see a preview you can click on demo below

Demo (http://www.eterpled.com/forum)

Demo Fixed

It also does not need to install anything but nothing through your FTP but simply load our style. Xml:)
To change the logo search the variable titleimage and modify the connection
See you at the next version:)

24 Feb 2010, 11:11
is this available in english at all

24 Feb 2010, 13:55
can it be that your demo board isnt vb4?

24 Feb 2010, 22:32
very coooooool

25 Feb 2010, 09:38
previews not working

25 Feb 2010, 10:31
as7apcool How can that be "coooooool" if there is no demo. just the old 3.8.x

28 Feb 2010, 09:13
demo link is not working

26 Mar 2010, 14:42
This is the perfect style I am looking for however I can't get it to work! Please help!!