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22 Feb 2010, 20:00

- vBulletin 4.0.2 (Publishing Suite)
- Fluid width (easy to make fixed)
- Light Blue gradient (old Twitter colors)
- Instructions included (all tho you should all know how to import a style)

Demo: HERE (http://vb4style.com?styleid=12)

If you download or use this style please leave a SIMPLE thank you, or support me and purchase a premium skin from my website: vBulletin 4 Styles (http://vb4style.com)

Enjoy :)

22 Feb 2010, 21:09
Thanks for style süper style installed.

Can you give psd for logo?

22 Feb 2010, 21:20
No probs...

To have the bg & nav matching make your logo 120px in height or just crop the top off bg.jpg to the same size as the logo you are using.

22 Feb 2010, 21:27
and I have a problem can you help me ?

in thread



22 Feb 2010, 21:41
I think one of your mods is conflicting as the style was tested and is also running fine on my website.. i noticed you have adsense everywhere i assume this is a padding problem..

24 Feb 2010, 08:10
Hold off on this download !! something is wrong after patching to PL1.. i'll update this as soon as i resolve the problem.

15 Apr 2010, 17:38
Hi, I'm Vincent from vB4Style.com

All our Premium styles have been updated to vBulletin 4.0.3 standards, we will begin updating our free styles tomorrow, all our free styles released on vb.org will have their packages updated by the weeks end.

Regards, The vB4Style.com Team