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23 Feb 2010, 05:52
The GorillaZ theme, always wanted this type of style, finally decided to make it.

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Custom made background and icons

CMS, Forums, and Blogs: Supported

Fix Log
2/23/2010: Uploaded to the net

Made with http://StyleVars.com Designer tools.
Support Me!
Mark as Installed (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/vborg_miscactions.php?do=installhack&threadid=236655)

https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/external/2011/01/48.png (http://forum-skins.com)

23 Feb 2010, 05:53
**Reserved for Developer Notes**

-I request that Username Kall does not post in this suport thread.
-File also available for download at forum-skins.com

23 Feb 2010, 11:03
very cool style :)

24 Feb 2010, 02:42
thanks :)

Oracle simsim
25 Feb 2010, 08:11
In my opinion , the style is very very beautiful ... my members says that too

but the new images for this style is very big in size without sense, for example this icon


is of size (50 KB) ??!!! why's that ??

the other images located in images/gorillaz folder are too big also

surely this will cause the forum home to be downloaded slowly for users

I had to re-save them using my images editor before uploading, the results are very good

another matter, the icons in icon legends in forum home does not reflect the icons used in this style... you can check that in your demo sir ... something need to be fixed

thank youuuuu for your efforts

26 Feb 2010, 03:02
It's image formatting in .png format to allow for editting in case you would want it different.

To make images smaller, just format to .jpg

26 Feb 2010, 03:50
How can I change the colors of the Nav bar and the colors below it? I looked everywhere and can't find it and they don't look like images :(. I'm confused.

26 Feb 2010, 04:30
There may be multiple versions coming out. Not sure

Refer to http://stylevars.com for specific style changes.

26 Feb 2010, 09:17
very ncie and cool.,

but there is blank space right and left side , How i can finish it
plz check it

Plz tell me how i can finish lest and right side space , Thanx

26 Feb 2010, 13:38
Reset the doc_margin's in stylevars

28 Feb 2010, 12:33
thanx for reply , 1 thing more


i wnat like gree , Red mark is now , and its too think

28 Feb 2010, 23:23
That's just a styling fix I made to make it look different from other themes.

03 Mar 2010, 18:12
I really like this theme.
At the top of the page there is a gap just above the logo. How do I remove this?

03 Mar 2010, 23:47
Change the doc_margin in stylevars. (top value)

11 Mar 2010, 09:54
I am using this style and love it! BUT...
I have a problem with this style!

It does not show the avatars of members in the RECENT FORUM THREAD WIDGIT
The pic defaults to ../images/misc/unknown.gif no matter what user has posted and it should be showing their avatar!

Please could someone help?

check: www.dreamweavernet.co.za (http://www.dreamweavernet.co.za)

11 Mar 2010, 22:41
Hm..thats a tricky one. Nice background btw. I've never encountered this problem. Could be a vBulletin setup issue on your side. You may also want to look at stylevars : ImagePaths: imgdir_misc

That should help solve that problem

Also, since your early in, you may want to change your domain name since dream weaver often refers to Adobe Products and visitors coming to your site may think one thing and expect the other. Just a tip though.

All demos and the BP Network is currently down as we are switching from shared servers to a dedicated server. Please excuse any downtime and delayed updates on themes.

[Expect 24-72 hours]

12 Mar 2010, 12:40
Hm..thats a tricky one. Nice background btw. I've never encountered this problem. Could be a vBulletin setup issue on your side. You may also want to look at stylevars : ImagePaths: imgdir_misc

That should help solve that problem
[Expect 24-72 hours]

I looked into that style var and no luck!

With regard to the name, that is my company name but I understand that some people will get confused :p

12 Mar 2010, 21:07
Do your avatars work for other themes or is this problem only existing in this theme?

13 Mar 2010, 04:05
ooo I never thought of trying that!

Nope, even on default style it does not work :( so it is not the gorilla style must be a VB issue!

14 Mar 2010, 21:36
Glad it's sorted out :)

28 Mar 2010, 18:56
v.1.1 Updates.

10 Apr 2010, 03:20
Updated to vB4.03

25 Jul 2010, 00:54
I will be updating an advanced version of this soon.. Available at http://forum-skins.com

02 Aug 2010, 00:47
hi mate, will this support Version 4.0.5 please?

EDIT: works great for 4.0.5 thanks.

can i ask,
im trying to make my logo the same width as the forum,
what do i edit to make my logo width the same size please?


10 Aug 2010, 08:16
Yes it should work with 4.05

Try a search on the forum width logo. :P

The Rocketeer
22 Apr 2011, 07:05
wondering if it works with 4.0.2 and above?

04 Aug 2011, 03:34
The one on Forum-Skins.com has been updated to 4.1.5

17 Jun 2012, 04:02
Hoping somebody can lead me in the right direction.
I have downloaded and installed this style but holding back on making it active as of yet due to an issue with the forum headers.

On my default style the headers show as pic one and 2

but on the new style they show like as pic 3 and 4.

How do I make the ones in 3 & 4 show same as 1 & 2.

Thanks for the help.

08 Apr 2013, 21:10
Can you give me the psd from the header logo type (at least in the writing)? Would be very nice!

09 Apr 2013, 00:57
What is this "Made with http://StyleVars.com Designer tools" ???

There's not a site at that addy.

Your reasoning for the large file size of the images just don't cut it. Quick response though.

04 Aug 2013, 10:26
Please update this theme to Vbulletin 4.2 :D

02 Nov 2013, 07:36

I have just installed the theme, but there are a few issues I encountered (see attached files).

It does not look completely like the original theme.
My vBulletin installed version is 4.2.2


02 Nov 2013, 10:23
That is probably because this skin was made for vB 4.0.5 not 4.2.2

10 Nov 2013, 10:56
ozzy47, you are right, I installed vBulletin 4.0.5 and it works properly now.

I want to re-size the icon for read and unread forums (see the attached picture) to 35 x 35 px. Where can I do this? What file do I need to modify and where?


10 Nov 2013, 11:13
Are you sure the images are larger than 35 x 35, it may be made to be that size.

10 Nov 2013, 13:27
ozzy47, I think you did not understand what I wanted, but I think I was not clear enough.
Well, I tried to create a 35 x 35 px icon for the read and unread forums, but it is automatically resized and it does not have the initial dimension anymore (it is smaller). I guess I have to edit the default size in a file and my question is: what file do I need to modify and where?

I hope I was clearer now. :D

Thanks in advance!

Solved- thanks anyway!

23 May 2014, 06:55
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