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29 Apr 2010, 00:40
Hello all,

We're excited that we are finally able to release Project Tools as an open source community project. It's taken a bit to get here but today is the day. The way we expect this project to run is that the community will take control of it. Following the open source model you will make the product suit your needs.

Everyone will be able to view the source code on svn, and suggest code that should be added. However, we can't allow everyone to commit code to the product. That could lead to bad code and a bad product with no clear direction. Thus, we are looking to form a team to lead the product in the right direction. This team will review code and commit it where it sees necessary. This team will be the ones releasing new versions as well.

Currently, Jeremy (King Kovifor), Scott Molinari, Michael Biddle, and I are on that team. More people are required to make this product successful. We would like the following to happen. Anyone that wants to participate needs to write up a short PM (2-3 paragraphs) and explain why you want to be on the team and what qualifies you to be on the team. Anything longer than 3 short paragraphs will be automatically deleted. Please PM this to me on vbulletin.org by the end of next week. The team will start out small so don't be discouraged if you are not picked immediately.

Downloadable vBulletin Project Tools 2.1.0 is located here (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=241453).
A publicly accessible SVN of the current release and branches will be opened shortly.

We look forward to what the community will develop!



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