View Full Version : how to disable the link on the navbar?

29 Apr 2010, 03:41
i want to customize all options...and hide until release it to all users.

what i have done was delete all in pt_navbar_link template...but it is not "easy"...

any way to disable the link without has to delete that template?

King Kovifor
29 Apr 2010, 04:03
As of right now, no, but such an on / off switch shouldn't be hard. But, that'd be a low priority right now. Deleting the template works, correct?

29 Apr 2010, 04:42
Why not just turn off the plugin "Process PT Global Templates"?

29 Apr 2010, 05:45
well...i was wondering to include a easy button to enable or disable the link on the navbar..nothing else =)

29 Apr 2010, 07:44
I'd do it the way lynne said. That way you can easily enable it again when you are ready.

29 Apr 2010, 11:45
Lynne's fix is correct awaiting for an option to disable it.

29 Apr 2010, 19:18
Being as it is open source, Anyone could easily add an onoff switch and re-release it.

01 May 2010, 14:59
If you create a user group just for yourself, and you go to project tools' permissions, you can disallow all others from viewing project tools and they won't see the navbar button.