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29 Apr 2010, 05:11
# Assuming your forum is located in /home/vbulletin/public_html, Also you must define where your sphinx folder is located (different depending on where you ran the above commands). Then use this command:
cp /path/to/sphinx-0.9.8/api/sphinxapi.php /home/vbulletin/public_html/packages/vbsphinxsearch

dear sir when i entered above command message is cp cannot start?

could you guide me what is the error

29 Apr 2010, 11:42
Your vBulletin installation is located in /home/vbulletin/public_html? Did cp return you an error message?

29 Apr 2010, 12:33
The file you're copying is located in the source of sphinx, the place you were using to build the binaries...

29 Apr 2010, 15:55
You need to actually input your own path in here:

30 Apr 2010, 02:49
My forum statics is here

If I install this mod any page loading speed improve?

30 Apr 2010, 03:51
Doubtful you will notice a thing. This is from the announcement:
The purpose of this product is to reduce database load (and reduce page load times) for sites that have large post databases and high activity. Boards that have less 4million posts and 3million pageviews a month will see a significantly reduced benefit from this product, and we see little need to install it on smaller sites that don’t exceed both of those metrics.

30 Apr 2010, 05:19
I disagree with the announcement. If you're willing to put the time into installing it and don't have tons of free memory to spare on MySQL, you will still see the reward on smaller sites.

I doubt it'll be all that significant server side, but it will take a nice chunk out of search times, especially for common words. It might also mean you can hold off of upgrading your server for a while, as the usual search related reasons to (locking, slow searches, etc.) will never occur.