View Full Version : allow individual userīs permission

02 May 2010, 00:15
on my forum, i want to adapt this mod to offer this:

a group of individual developers, have individual projects

so..dev 1 has project 1
..dev 2 has project 2

i cant create a group for each developer (to use the Permissions system or project tools)

so i was wondering to do the next (for example):

allow dev/user 53...to delete reports and edit all the reports he want for project 1

could be that possible to add for next version?

03 May 2010, 21:32
is this a strange question??

a reply please..

King Kovifor
04 May 2010, 19:10
It is possible, but I don't see that being a top priority for the next few immediate versions.

05 May 2010, 01:03
it would be useful for forums that provide space to developers who want to support their creations... i see this like "important" for me