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07 May 2010, 17:55
I can see where you can vote for the feature but if someone votes for all the features you couldn't really get a "top features" report to prioritize.

Suggested feature would be to allow a rating just like the forums. You could then list the top rated features. You could say people would just rate everything as high but having a rating gives them ability to say they want one feature but as a medium and they want another feature as a high. Also allowing them the ability to "re-vote" if a new feature comes around and they want to reprioritize there ratings.

A more complicated system would be like a draft concept where they get a total of 10 points for "next version" and they can disperse them against the "next version" features.

We are currently trying to figure out how to allow the enterprise to prioritize the feature requests so we can select the top for requirement gathering and development for each release timeframe. The two options look to be using the thread ratings or project vote counter.

Wayne Luke
11 May 2010, 16:50
The system already has a Yes/No voting system built in. Not difficult to set up for different issue types. Would just need code to sort by votes (high yes votes rise, high no votes go deeper) on display.

Not sure what benefit the rating system would add over this.

13 May 2010, 21:41
Here is the scenerio.

You have 20 feature requests and you have 100 people.
You want to work on the top 2 feature requests for the next version from all 100 people or possibly top 4 if you have the resources based on the requirements.

50 people click they want 20 features 10 people click they don't want 10 of the features.
You now have 20 features that are the "top".
Ex. your output would be
feature 1 (50 want it)
feature 2 (50 want it)
all the way down to feature 20

Now if you had 50 people rate 1-5 on 20 features and you had 10 people rate a 0 on the features you would be able to take the top rated features since they would start averaging out.
Ex. your output would be
feature 1 (4.5 stars)
feature 2 (3.2 stars)
so on

Yes they could vote 5 stars for all the features but in time they will realize 2 or 4 are picked for each version and they need to prioritize their "top".

A real cool way but probably harder is everyone gets 10 points to put on the bugs/features for the next version. They can put up to 5 per bug/feature. They can also replace the points if they change their mind.
It would work kind of like a draft system and at any point in time you could get the top 2 features based on popularity.

Right now the only way that seems to solve it is having a feature/bug issue in project point to a thread that can be thread voted so you can sort by top feature/bug post. Just a little confusing for the end user and will probably require some intervention to line up.