View Full Version : Warning on a Style - Malicious Code!

21 May 2010, 09:06
Edit: it seems this was a misunderstanding on my part and I apologize to the designer for it.

21 May 2010, 09:11
You are installing styles made by someone who not only admits to, but brags about his ability to steal someone's work, and recreate it as a vB style.

Why are you surprised he does something like this?

It's like running pirated software - you never know what the scum has hidden away.

21 May 2010, 09:22
I wasn't aware the work was stolen... I think it's time to find a new theme, then. Where was it stolen from?

21 May 2010, 09:27
http://www.vbseo.com if it's the one I am thinking of.

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(he calls it 'cloning' a style. I call it 'stealing'.)

21 May 2010, 10:03
You two obviously work together and this is some sort of joke. The theme is NOT stolen. It's actually a compilation of 3 themes now.

Please refer to this post. Somehow I have a feeling this guy is working with Kall to create more chaos. Its interesting that pedrossi posts at 8:06, and Kall is the FIRST person to come to the thread 5 minutes later and start bickering again. You'll notice he does this in that theme thread until the vBulletin Mods tell him to stop.

Please refer to this Pedrosi (if your not working for Kall)


Also, Kall, I am still waiting for you to contact me VIA msn. You create all this drama and try to make people look bad. Why not discuss it directly with the designer? Bringing up the same topics from the past that you have been told not to bring up by the moderators means you just want to create trouble.

21 May 2010, 10:16
I am new to the forum and am not working with anyone. I just noticed the obviously malicious code on my website, so it seemed natural to post and warn others because it's easy to miss and could cause SEO harm.

Also, why include those links then? What is the point of doing so for the CSS/javascript version? It still looks like an SEO link for pagerank purposes to me, so I stand by my accusation until I see there is a legitimate reason for including your those links somewhere other than the copyright notice at the bottom.

21 May 2010, 10:18
Well the point is if you wanted headers that looked like this:


All you would have to do is change my links and edit my .png image files to create the same performance. The links tell you where to put your links. I literally use it for my site @ http://forum-skins.com, so I packaged it up for others if they wanted to use it for their sites.

Also the code is not hidden. If you install it correctly, you'll see the banners in there too, right, and that would be an obvious sign to change the images and links.

21 May 2010, 10:21
Ok, I can see that being legitimate use... I'm not familiar with this "expand or shrink" thing but if it was only meant as an example then I apologize for the wrongful accusation. I can't say anything about whether it's a copied theme or not since I know nothing about that, but the code doesn't seem malicious then. Again, sorry for the misunderstanding.