View Full Version : "Last Post" username isn't updated when user is renamed

01 Jun 2010, 14:16
If I rename a user, the “Submitted by” name is correct (new one), but the “Last Post” name is not correct (old one).

I tried to Repair / Optimize Tables but it didn't change anything.

vBulletin : 4.0.3
Project Tools : 2.1.0

01 Jun 2010, 18:44
I will see this :)

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I think this could be done for 2.1.2, a little late for 2.1.1.

02 Jun 2010, 10:57
You can update the names by running:
Admin CP -> Project Tools -> Update Counters -> Rebuild Issue Counters

02 Jun 2010, 18:38
There is no plugin for this job when you edit the username in the user manager. I'm working locally on this and should be done for 2.1.2 (2.1.1 will be released very soon).