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07 Jun 2010, 20:50
Hey All,

When I setup my forums on vB4 and installed the Cielo skin from Skinbox, I experienced a huge spacing problem that I don't see on other vB4 based forums. Below is a screenshot showing the space that is there. I've upgraded vB4 uploading the style files again which did not resolve any of the problems. I'm hoping one of you will have an idea of how to fix this.


(pic attch)

Brandon Sheley
07 Jun 2010, 21:02
it looks like the skin may have been made to be fixed, but is now fluid?
does it happen on the default skin?

07 Jun 2010, 21:04
that's what I'm using right now.. Yeah, I keep updating that Cielo one.. - and that was the problem that caused it all I think

Brandon Sheley
07 Jun 2010, 21:05
are the postbit templates reverted?
Does it happen if you temporally disable plugins?

07 Jun 2010, 21:07
I'm not sure if I have any plugins.. I'mma try and revert the PB.. Just a sec.

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Can't seem to revert..

Brandon, if you don't mind taking a look.. Come on MSN and I'll give you an Admin Account.

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Problem is that it is set to think ads on the side of the posts are showing, not sure a solution to this.

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The problem has been fixed.

07 Jun 2010, 23:04
care to share with others how this was fixed? I know that I am personally having the same problem with a different skin.