View Full Version : Facebook Connect location movable?

08 Jun 2010, 00:27
Does anyone have an idea how to move the default facebook image location to instead be located down and to the right position in the header?

Everytime I try this I either break something or the image simply will not be in position.

And where it is now, it collides with my header logo.

So I just want to move it below the member/login area, and push it to the right of the header.

Any help sincerely appreciated.

11 Jun 2010, 16:01
still looking for assistance,....thanks

10 Aug 2010, 06:35
I'm looking to move the FB connect button also. I don't want to move the entire login section, just the FB connect. I am also trying to use a custom button graphic for it but I'm not having any luck getting the link to work.

Anyone know exactly what code is needed for a FB connect button?

11 Aug 2010, 22:44
yea I'm looking for a way to move the connect button also.

13 Aug 2010, 12:08
anyone...anyone... Bueller... Bueller...

13 Aug 2010, 15:05
Most people use something like firebug to change CSS to move things around. If you want us to write up some CSS for this, you need to post a link to the style so we can see it and play with it.

13 Aug 2010, 20:44
I figured since Vbulletin has developers, we paid for this stuff, they should explain how to move it around.

13 Aug 2010, 20:56
You move it by changing the CSS. I can't get any more detailed than that with what you have posted. If you want help, you need to actually give us details. We don't read minds.