View Full Version : Problem with images > Personalize Blog & Profile

Shanti Nanda
09 Jun 2010, 03:15
Hi hi!!

I have some problems in vb4.0.3. when I personalize blog or profile.

I put the URL of my album's image on the box of Image, but nothing happen, it doesn't show.

What should I do? maybe I need to modify some template, or do something in the Admincp, but I'm so lost.

Help me, please D':


Ryan Ashbrook
09 Jun 2010, 04:32
You can't customize the Blog or Profile in 4.0.3.

This feature is slated to come back in 4.1.

Shanti Nanda
10 Jun 2010, 01:49
Thanks for the news, how much time do yoy think than we have to wait for that? :)

14 Jun 2010, 03:42
Shan... that's the reason why we did'nt update to 4.0 like six months ago. That kind of updates can take weeks, or even several months. when this feature is on 4.0 we'll update too.