View Full Version : Update tp 2.1.1

09 Jun 2010, 10:09
Hi Guys. I just want to know how to up to the new Version.

09 Jun 2010, 10:47
The install/upgrade instructions are in the first post of the vBulletin Project Tools Open Source release thread.

09 Jun 2010, 14:02
Well. That are the installation instructs, but is the procedure the same for updates?
And if, does that mean i have to deinstall the addon in acp and upload the new xml and will all my changes then be gone?

09 Jun 2010, 14:44
Yes, it is the same for updates, and no you do not need to un-install your current version just over-write it.

09 Jun 2010, 19:21
In the documentation look for "Installation / Upgrading" it explained there its only one button more that you need to set to Yes.