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09 Jun 2010, 16:17
i have updated project tools for 2.1 (i was thinking it could solve this issue), but i cant delete any report :(

i go to edit report...press on delete forever, (or the other option too), i save changes..but then it redirects me to same report without being deleted

dont know what is causing this.. my site is hosted in hostgator

09 Jun 2010, 16:18
Your templates are up to date?

09 Jun 2010, 17:05
with default skin the report is deleted...

Under Report Details i see (with default style):
Issue Number

but with my custom template, i dont see it....

when i installed the mod, all went ok, also the skin restyling...

but dont know why it is now showed...

i think the fact of see "Issue Number 21" in defalt skin, but not in custom, shows what is causing the issue of "cant delete report".
But i dont know how to solve this...

any help?

Ryan Ashbrook
09 Jun 2010, 20:12
Is your admin cp showing any out-of-date templates?

You can also try to Find Updated Templates: Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Find Updated Templates.

09 Jun 2010, 21:38
all templates are updated...


Ryan Ashbrook
09 Jun 2010, 22:13
All I can say is revert your custom pt_ templates, and re-apply your customizations.

09 Jun 2010, 23:39
thanks! solved

but now i see project page (inside a project...showing issues, suggestions) as this:


so..there miss 2 columns...one showing priority and the other showing las message by...

10 Jun 2010, 03:16
Revert ALL Project Tools templates. Don't stop to the first which resolved your previous issue.

10 Jun 2010, 05:20
i did what you told me...

i have reverted all project tools templates (i dont know why there were so many with red color..i dont remember i have modify anyone)

problem still, maybe you want admincp access to see what is going wrong?

10 Jun 2010, 06:43
Maybe try to revert the projecttools.css (Styles -> CSS -> projecttools.css )

10 Jun 2010, 15:35


10 Jun 2010, 17:49
i have updated project tools for 2.1 (i was thinking it could solve this issue), but i cant delete any report :(
And updated to 2.1.1 ?