View Full Version : How to alter sub-forum displaying

09 Jun 2010, 16:02
How to display sub-forums like on this website? http://www.forum.hr (a Croatian forum)


I am using VSa - Sub-Forum Manager

Is it possible to alter some templates and make them to show without the little chat bubble image and inline instead of in a table?


Figured it out, instead of having the vB4 subforums, I had to edit 2 templates from Forum Home Templates >>


this is how the nopost looks like now:

<li class="subforum">
<a href="{vb:link forum, {vb:raw forum}}">{vb:raw forum.title}</a>,&nbsp;

No image anymore, and it follows with a comma, and an empty space after it.

Later on, I set the number of columns in VSA - Sub-Forum Manager to 8, to ensure they are not displayed in 2 rows unless if more than 8 (you can set them to even 12 if you want, in case the names aren't too long, so it will still display correctly).

After that, I edited the subforum's plugin values for CSS in adminCP, adding bold for text and reducing the size of the text.

I know it's not a huge thing, but others might want to know. In the plugin's settings there is an option to make the tables nicer too, which I did as well.

Actually I am really happy I figured it out lol, because I'm no coder myself :D

P.S. It would only be nice to figure out a way of having the commas without having to put them in the template because it adds one even after the last group in the display order.