View Full Version : Urgent: unique stylesheet for only one forum

11 Jun 2010, 08:08
I am creating a different stylesheet for a partner website to link to so that only one of my forums can fall into his design (the link from the partner site will include the different styleid). However, if the users navigate to another forum or page in the site, I want them to return to my original stylesheet. How can I do this? Only the users that enter through my partner's site will see the different stylesheet, but I do not want that stylesheet to be on the other forums for them. Please advise. Thanks very much.

27 Jun 2010, 21:47
Open the Forum Manager. Edit the forum board you want changed. Under Style options, select the style you want for that forum. Select 'no' to override user's style choice.

This should ensure people linking in will see the new style but users already on the site will continue to use the style they've selected on the sites style selector.