View Full Version : Image Resize for external links for Forum + CMS?

11 Jun 2010, 10:07

I'm looking for an auto image resizer for external links for VB4 forums and CMS, there seem to be a few available, but they don't yet work with the CMS, I was just wondering if I've missed one, or is there a workaround that anyone knows of?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks :)

Lizard King
11 Jun 2010, 12:59
Image resize will be supported in vB 4.0.4

11 Jun 2010, 15:55
Thanks Mert, is 4.0.4 due in the next week or so? :)

11 Jun 2010, 21:13
That is what it is aimed at in being released Dave. Of course that is if all goes well on the Q&A.

12 Jun 2010, 00:32
Thanks Charlie, I think I'll hold off doing any more on it in case I have to do it all again then :)

12 Jun 2010, 02:43
I have an image mod you just put into your postbit.css template but it only works for forum only as I didn't need the CMS part but someone may if not you may be able to alter the code for the CMS part?

12 Jun 2010, 11:21
Thanks Charlie, much appreciated, but sadly my skills don't go that far! :) I wonder if the 4.0.4 built in image resizer will work with external links on the CMS and forums too?