View Full Version : Social Bookmarks background and adding links

19 Jun 2010, 10:11
When I'm viewing a thread, at the bottom are a few categories (vB4) like Thread Information, Similar Threads, Social Bookmarks, Posting Rules etc. They all have a white background, except the Social Bookmarks. That part doesn't have a background. How can I add the same default white background to the social bookmarks item?

Also how can I add more links to the Social Bookmarks?

21 Jun 2010, 12:44
I've just found a way to fix the background problem, and immediately have the Bookmarks item and the Posting Rules item positioned next to each other. Apparently there's a bug in the SHOWTHREAD element.

So in SHOWTHREAD find these lines:
<div class="options_block_container">
<vb:if condition="$bookmarksites">
<div class="options_block2">

Change <div class="options_block2"> into <div class="options_block">

That fixed it for me :)

Now I just need to know how I can add more links to the Bookmarks item.