View Full Version : vb4 styles arent working.

20 Jun 2010, 01:44
im not 100% sure if this is the correct place to put this for support.

i recently installed vb 4.0.4 on my forums and i used the style generator to test making styles.

Problem: style still comes up as default. rather than the colors i selected.

i later tried to install a skin FOR 4.0.4

only the images showed up. not the modifcations to the background etc.

has anyone come up with this problem or have a solution for me?


22 Jun 2010, 22:36
Indeed I have. I am a admin for a forum running VB 4.0 series. The problem you're most likly running into is you're trying to create a style by using the option main CSS. While you could use this in VB 3x you cannot in4x. You have to use the Stylevers. If you are using Stylevers and it is still not working. You might be forgetting to save a template when you finish modifying it.

I hope this helps and feel free to ask me any other questions.

27 Jun 2010, 03:50
Lol you are wrong, he speaks about the 4.0.4 style generator.

02 Jul 2010, 14:20
I am having the same issue here.

Upload and install styles yet it will only show the default one

--------------- Added 1278080542 at 1278080542 ---------------

Just fixed it by removing any old styles pre upgrade

its all fine now

05 Jul 2010, 17:55
Actually it's a MAJOR bug in the newest version: Anyone else have titleimage trouble with 4.04? Just goes to Array (http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?354815-Anyone-else-have-titleimage-trouble-with-4.04-Just-goes-to-Array)