View Full Version : Uninstall but preserve db content?

23 Jun 2010, 14:21
I have a problem on my site requiring support from vB.

They ask that I run maintenance > Diagonstics > find suspect file versions

When I do, I get "File does not contain expected contents" for some PT files despite having the 2.1.1 and reinstalled it with overwrite.

If I unistall PT does it leave the db content so if I re-install later, can I recover the project info?

Or can recover the PT project info and configurations by restoring db tables from backup ?

King Kovifor
23 Jun 2010, 14:28
The suspect file versions file is not 100% up to date. This was a mistake on our part. If you want to remove project tools but leave data, disable the product, and remove the files from your server. Then just reupload the files and enable the product.

23 Jun 2010, 14:38

I just un-installed but the suspect files are still listed. I guess this is related; files where not removed because of the file list issue?

23 Jun 2010, 20:57