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25 Jun 2010, 10:10
Hello, I hope this is the right place to ask for help.
First of all sorry for my english, I'm not so good at it.

I have some problems with my vBulletin forum, it's the 4.0.3 version, the forum is: www.americanmusclecars.ro
When I had the 3.8.4 version I put some banners on the footer and on the header with some friends sites. With a click on the banner, the banner redirects you to that site... everything was ok.
On the 4.0.3 version I put the same HTML code, the banner appears but when I click on it, it doesn't redirects me to that site anymore, it redirects always to my forum ...

Can you explain me how to fix this problem ?

Thank you !

26 Jun 2010, 20:45
Nobody knows ?