View Full Version : Postbit vs Postbit_Legacy (How do you change between using those files?)

28 Jun 2010, 22:30
The title asks it all really. On my forums, I'm using the postbit file, where the Avatar and information about the poster is at the top of each post (just like these forums), however I really want to have my Avatar's and information on the right side (How Postbit_Legacy does). How so I change it on my forums to do that?

28 Jun 2010, 23:19
Go into the admin panel options settings and I believe it is in the general but not 100% sure.

28 Jun 2010, 23:54
There are only a few options in the General Section, and none of them have anything to do with Postbit vs Postbit_Legacy (That I could tell).

I've gone through the options a few times, but keep missing where this is located... if its there.

--------------- Added 1277769305 at 1277769305 ---------------

Using vBulletin v4.0.1

--------------- Added 1277769414 at 1277769414 ---------------

I found it!

Its in Style and Language Settings. Totally missed it the first time through the options!

29 Jun 2010, 00:34
Great glad you found it as I was about to physically look in mine.