View Full Version : How do I remove the 'Last Post' column from forum home?

Marvin Hlavac
02 Jul 2010, 19:29

Would anyone be so kind and help me with this one? I'm trying to remove the entire "Last Post" column from forum home.

I think I know how to remove the content of the column. I managed to do that part by removing some of the code from forumhome_forumbit_level2_post. However, removing the content doesn't remove the column itself.

I think the forumbits.css template is where the "Last Post" column could be removed in, but I'm just not having much success with it. I've been working on this one for three days, and I have to admit I'm stuck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

02 Jul 2010, 19:36
in FORUMDISPLAY template
Find & Remove the following line:

<span class="forumlastpost">{vb:rawphrase last_post}</span>

Marvin Hlavac
02 Jul 2010, 20:33
Hi eSekar,

Thanks for your helping hand. I just tested it, but removing the line seems to change absolutely nothing. Do you think I need to remove some other piece of code elsewhere?

02 Jul 2010, 20:40
That line will remove the "Last Post" shown in your attached image.

Would you please give me a link to your site? If not here via PM.

I'll have a look and come back to this thread.


Marvin Hlavac
02 Jul 2010, 22:17
Thanks for helping with this. Here's a link to my test forum:


Again, I wish to remove the entire "Last Post" column. Not just the words "Last Post".

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And just to clarify what it is I'm trying to achieve, please have a look at the home page of my live (vB 3.8) site:


In vB 4 I'm trying to achieve the same: I wish to display only the Forum Name & Description, and all the subsequent columns I wish to remove.

02 Jul 2010, 22:27
Dear the above URL is redirecting me to your main site which is not as the image you posted, & it's 3.x not 4.x

Marvin Hlavac
02 Jul 2010, 23:00
Which of the two above URL's are you accessing? The .../test/ one should bring you to a vB4 forum.

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I closed the Test forum for now. Thanks for trying to help.

I do not think anything in the FORUMDISPLAY template has any effect on what we see on the forum home. I think thee column(s) I'm interested in removing can be removed by some of the code within the forumbits.css template, but I admit it is not clear to me at this moment how to accomplish it.

If anyone else could help, I'd appreciate it very much.