View Full Version : July BOTM Voting

03 Jul 2010, 00:15
The voting poll will run until the 31th of July.

The following boards had 3 or more seconds and will automatically go into this month's voting:

http://JPiCForum.info 3
http://WLSJourney.org 3
http://www.aboxcafe.com 3
www.toyotaclubitalia.it (http://www.toyotaclubitalia.it) 3

The following boards were all tied with 2 seconds and were numbered accordingly:

1.) www.maskedcrusader.com (http://www.maskedcrusader.com) 2
2.) www.freelancefirst.com (http://www.freelancefirst.com) 2

The numbers were placed randomly via www.random.org/sequences/ (http://www.random.org/sequences/) and these were the results:

Here is your sequence:


Timestamp: 2010-06-10 14:49:29 UTC

Which means

2.) www.freelancefirst.com (http://www.freelancefirst.com/) 2

will be placed in this month's voting poll.

Good luck!

04 Aug 2010, 18:48
Congratulations to http://WLSJourney.org (http://WLSJourney.org) and http://www.aboxcafe.com (http://www.aboxcafe.com) for winning BOTM!!

The new poll will be up later today. :)