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06 Jul 2010, 00:07
Hey there,

I need to change CSS. I need to be able to change more than the options they give me. I mean come on. There seriously must be a better way to design a template. Is there just a regular css file that I can go edit? At least vb3 had the extra css portion at the bottom to add additional code.


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nvm I found it. Why oh why are there so many css files. This is going to take forever to make a decent looking skin.

06 Jul 2010, 01:31

Yup it takes a minute.

06 Jul 2010, 06:17
vB4 you can generally make a decent style by editing
additional.css (Add all your custom css here)
& stylevars

These are the 4 major areas where style's are coded. Basic framework for everything else. The more you goto deep customizing more css files u have to edit.

14 Jul 2010, 23:28
No longer can you make a nice vBulletin skin it seems. The images folders are so screwed up, there are so many css files, every element just about has its own class. Its ridiculous. Really ridiculous.

14 Jul 2010, 23:36
lol you like that image folder huh? It's a mess! There is so many images that don't belong at all! It makes the styles folder huge too.

14 Jul 2010, 23:52
It takes time.