View Full Version : HTML Widgets not displaying

06 Jul 2010, 01:51
So I added some basic HTML widgets to our new CMS/forums. It worked fine for a few hours, and then all of a sudden the CMS widget disappeared, but the Forums one stayed. I know I had to create them in 2 places, but it's a simple image with hyper link to another domain. I've checked and double checked the widget still exists, the code in an HTML page displays properly, the Layout Manager is showing the widget, but I just can't see it! Any ideas?


Thanks again everyone.

06 Jul 2010, 06:13
The Custom HTML/PHP Widget seems to be showing in your Forums page. For CMS, i would check its placement or permissions.

06 Jul 2010, 12:56
I've checked the position and tried other widgets, they all work. Even custom HTML widgets with just text won't display right now. What permissions would I be looking for and where?

The weirdest part is it was working for a few hours (at least) when I first created it, then when I visited later, it just disappeared!