View Full Version : How are they doing this?

08 Jul 2010, 03:05
Hi all,

I wonder if someone smarter than me can tell me how this forum is doing this? What you are looking at is a forum for supporting vendors and they are placing the vendors logo on the far right of the forum name.


I really want to do this and I am using v4.0.4u1. I can't find out how to do it in the software. Do I need to get vbadvanced or something?

Many Thanks,

08 Jul 2010, 03:21
I don't know how they are doing this however would be interested in finding out also. Have you attempted to contact the administrator on that site and ask them?

08 Jul 2010, 03:36
Well there is a template edit you can do..with some tweaking of course...since this is for vb3 series...


Or wait for this to come out and make it easy on yourself ;)


08 Jul 2010, 03:46
Thanks, thats exactly what I am looking for. I will post in the thread asking the dev team when they will have it ported to v4

hehe, no I haven't asked the forum owners how they are doing it but to be honest I am in their same market share so it doesn't really seem appropriate hehe.

Thanks again.

12 Jul 2010, 02:20
No worries on this, I have sorted it. I am doing it by adding some simple HTML in the description. After looking at their source they are doing it the same way.