View Full Version : Bug with Issue Details with Admin permissions

08 Jul 2010, 14:41
Not sure if this has been posted or if anyone else is seeing this issue.
When you have the permissions to change the issues in the issue details the text is scrunched up. Looks like it's right justitified but all the words are on top of each other. Looks to only effect the dynamic drop down boxes. (Category,Status,Priority,Suggested Version,Implemented Version). Is this a template or version fix ?

08 Jul 2010, 15:24
Can you give us a few more details please? Such as what web-browser you are using and its version, what versions of PT and vBulletin you are using, if you are using the default vBulletin style or a custom style, and it would be great if you post a screenshot showing the error, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words :)

09 Jul 2010, 02:03
IIRC I fixed this type of bug for IE6 but we need to have your feedback about Mosh questions.

09 Jul 2010, 19:38
Tested on IE 7 and 8.
Vbulletin 4.0.3 Patch Level 1
Project Tools 2.1.1

Default VB4 Style

Thanks for looking into this. Your keeping up with this project is greatly appreciated!!

Ryan Ashbrook
10 Jul 2010, 07:25
Confirmed. It's an issue with IE7/IE8 Compatibility View. Reported.

If you're using IE8, I recommend turning off the Compatibility View. vBulletin 4 + Project Tools render just fine without it. :)

10 Jul 2010, 14:04
Wow great find! Works now. Clicked Tools->Compatibility View Settings
Unchecked Display Intranet sites in Compatibility View