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11 Jul 2010, 17:11
A little annoying mod for those with the Footy Boards..........

Although i appreciate its been a pretty naff World Cup for those like me who happen to be sadly English, i have added a little annoying "vuvuzelas" icon and sound for posts (not on auto play thankfully)

Easy to add

1....Simply download the zip and import the product
2....upload the vuvuzelas mp3 to your forum root ie /forum/vuvuzelas.mp3
(if your baord is on a slightly different path then edit the template vuvuzelas_post_control_bit and change the path to suit your mp3
3....upload the vuvuzelas.png to your forum so the path is ....... images/buttons/vuvuzelas.png

It will show as a little football and will play instantly when clicked .......(short time not looped)

Annoying but maybe those with the footy boards will like :)

You can see it or try it on the board ............here (http://www.tabletennistalk.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?3175-Why-have-girls-got-no-power&p=32873#post32873)


11 Jul 2010, 20:41
lol mate ..im a vuvuzela fan ...this will be uploaded later ...love it

11 Jul 2010, 20:42
tagged for now

12 Jul 2010, 14:11
Just tried installing on 4.0.2 but didn't work.

I like forward to this when I upgrade :)

12 Jul 2010, 15:18
hmmmmmmm should work ? what was the issue

Front Range
13 Jul 2010, 21:33
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