View Full Version : Copying and Modding Report Function for Tips Purposes

13 Jul 2010, 01:12
Hey guys,
I saw a forum using a modified copy of their report.php script to send in news tips (rather than reports) to the admin's email address. So it would basically send the email with a link to the particular post notifying the admin of the latest tip in the thread.

So what I need to know is:

1) How do I change the text of the report.php to say something like..."Send this as a tip for a news story"...rather than the usual "Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising messages, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.", as well as changing the title from "Report Post" to "Send This As Tip"....etc

2) Would it be possible to send it to one email address rather than all the moderators? Or maybe a separate usergroup (i.e. Writers in my case).

13 Jul 2010, 01:51
Why not use sendmessage.php (contact form).


1. Do a search in the language and phrases
2. Yes.

13 Jul 2010, 01:54
Why not use sendmessage.php (contact form).

But when you do a send message, it doesnt link to the particular post unless the tipster intentionally puts the link.

Also.. Im guessing there may be conflict in the Languages because both templates share the same "title" if you want to call it that and I believe that if I changed it, both the report and tip page would have the same text :(