View Full Version : Calendar for Usergroup Private Forum HELP

14 Jul 2010, 02:16
Hi there,

I need to know is it possible to make a Calendar for a usergroup only to see? I have a usergroup that accesses a private forum and want to make a Calendar for events etc.

Can this be done and if so how pls?



15 Jul 2010, 00:38
Let me guess - you didn't bother looking in the manual first? Calendar Level Permissions (http://www.vbulletin.com/docs/html/calendar_permissions_cale)

17 Jul 2010, 15:12
well actually i did read the manual and have set it up and its not working thats why i needed help !

Anyone intereted in helpiing

17 Jul 2010, 16:42
I'm not sure how anyone can help when all the information you give is "it's not working". First, assuming you've tried step 1 - disabling all your mods, then you should take it to vb.com since you're having a problem with stock vb.

But when asking the question you'll need to give lots of details like what version of vb, what have you done to try to fix it, what exactly is happening, etc. A link to your forum and maybe a test account in that usergroup would be helpful too.