View Full Version : forumhome page issues setting up columns

18 Jul 2010, 02:09
Usually i do well when working in vb but with vb 4 i am at a learning curve. I want to create a vb3 feel with different color columns for each heading. I have posted a picture. Everything works fine til i have subforums show and then the background images do not go all way down. I have a looked and look and still stumped. I am not sure if just CSS or what. Any help will be apprecated. Vb 3 was so much easier to code

21 Jul 2010, 17:15
nevermind i figured it out ..dang css issue .

23 Jul 2010, 21:26
FYI, your link looks terrible in both IE6 and in Chrome5

23 Jul 2010, 21:39
oh sorry but i delete that theme i was working on for a client. So now is a default one i am playing with.